In the beginning, it was just one conference held at one location in North Carolina. By 2008, the EPL was growing and consisted of teams that came from as far north as New York and as far south as South Carolina. In our attempt to provide the best tournament paintball experience, the Eastern Paintball League (EPL) was then divided into three conferences: the South Conference, North Conference and the Mid-Atlantic Conference. We wanted to bring the tournament to you, thus providing the best paintball experience possible which we all know that one aspect of that experience is travel.

After merging with the Global Paintball League (GPL), in 2016, the EPL Mid-Atlantic Conference is now called the FIVESTAR Series (5Star).

Each conference is comprised of paintball teams from a common geographical region. These self organized teams compete against each other at the regional level as well as the national level. Each conference is comprised of Division 6, Division 5 and Division 4 teams , with the best teams focused towards competing at the national level. The EPL is known for providing some of the best competition at the national level, from Division 5 all the way up to pro. Of course, we don’t offer a pro division at the regional level, but several semi pro and pro teams all began their paintball career with the EPL.




During the season, four individual paintball tournament are held within Mid-Atlantic conference or the 5Star Series. Series standings are maintained throughout the year within each conference. At the end of the fourth event for each conference, a conference champion is calculated based on the totals point earned within that specific conference. Once crowned champion, conference winners are granted FREE admission to the East Coast Cup in their endeavor to win FREE entry in the NXL World Cup held in Florida in November.

Having a total of three conferences, the EPL produces a total of 12 conference events during the season. Paintball teams are not restricted to one conference, however due to the geographic distance between each venue, most teams tend to play in conference which is closest to where they live.




The ECC is the cream of the crop. The one time when teams from each conference come together at one location to determine who is the best of the best. No other league covers a larger geographical area nor does any other league have the amount of players that participate as does the EPL. To win any tournament within the EPL series is a true accomplishment, but to win the East Coast Cup is victory that demands the respect of players and teams not just at the regional level but at the national level as well.

No prior participation in any conference events is required to play in the East Coast Cup. Do not be surprised to see teams from other leagues attend, knowing that the competition is the best of the best and to see where they line up with the best of what the EPL has to offer.




Other than the regular prize package that is offered at each of the 12 EPL events, we also offer prizes for overall conference and series winners. A winner will be crowned for each conference at the end of the fourth event for that particular conference. Overall points are totaled and the winner is given FREE admission to the East Coast Cup held in September. The ECC is the 13th event of our series and is a stand alone  championship event. No more previous team points are calculated, there is no more North, South or Mid-Atlantic (5star series) conference points, everyone is competing as if the slate were wiped clean. Of course, everyone is competing for the standard prize package that was given at all the previous events but also for that FREE World Cup Entry in Florida and for that title, Eastern Paintball League Series Champion.


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