Player ID Number

All players must obtain a free APPA player identification number through the APPA database.

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Team ID Number

All teams must create a free team profile through the APPA database. You must have a Player ID number to create a team ID number

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RaceTo-2 Event Registration (Entry Fees)

Division 6 (3MAN) - 125.00

Division 4/5 (3MAN) - 150.00

Division 5 (5MAN) - 250.00

Division 4 (5MAN) - 250.00

RaceTo-4 Event Registration (Includes Paintballs)

Division 3 RaceTo-4 - 400.00

Division 4 RaceTo-4 - 400.00


2018 Paint Pricing

All 5STAR SERIES tournament are Event Paint Only.


Tournament Grade - As low as 49.00 per case

Professional Grade - As low as 59.00 per case


Competition Grade - As low as 40.00 per case

Prize Packages

Includes paid entry fees to the NXL World Cup in Orlando FL.

2018 RaceTo-2 Prize Packages

2018 RaceTo-4 Prize Packages

Rule book

Full details about all rules and regulation can be found in comprehensive rule book available for free download.

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